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This is a space where I share ideas, thoughts and practical strategies for individuals and organisations to take a bit more control of their happiness, health and wealth. Some concepts are novel, whilst others have been around for centuries, I just package them for our modern attention-sapping society.

Occasionally guest writers will contribute their content so I can share ideas through a different lens.  I hope you enjoy the blog.

Is It Time for Some Mental House Keeping? happiness health

How often do you tidy up at home?

I’m assuming that you’ll tidy up pretty much every day that you/someone else makes a mess. Next day you’ll do it all again, only this time possibly adjust to make less mess or don’t let the kid near the condiments!

Maybe once a week or...

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Getting to Know Your Imposter happiness health wealth

How to stop holding yourself back.

Imposter syndrome held me back from fully expressing my potential for over 15 years. It’s silly when I look back at the missed opportunities I let sail on by due to that little nagging imposter. 

In this story, I am going to share with you the final...

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Looking after #1 happiness health

There is a really interesting philosophical question that has been floating around for years. It is philosophical because it is open to interpretation and it is very subjective, it isn’t clear cut and the is no cookie-cutter answer, so this article will most certainly divide some opinions....

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What are your professional anchors happiness

Throughout your career, there will be skills, personal characteristics, people, and environments that are holding you down and preventing you from moving in the direction you want. Visualise a boat that has set its anchor down, the boat can move as far as the anchor allows in a circle, often...

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The 3 Pillars of Well-being happiness health wealth


As fitness professionals and performance practitioners you give so much of yourself to your clients, athletes and staff. It is often in our nature to give our time, energy and resources to those around us at work and in our personal lives.


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Dumbing down your wellness goals happiness health wealth


In previous articles, I have spoken in great depth about how you need to carve out time for yourself in order to build a sustainable professional pathway for yourself that will lead to happiness, health and wealth.

This is an incredibly overlooked...

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“Follow your Passion”-maybe not if you want a fulfilling career guest blogs happiness health

Jobs are no longer just for paying the bills. Today, people want work that is meaningful and enjoyable. This has led to the advice to “follow your passion”: the idea that we must identify our greatest interest and pursue this as a career in order to find happiness and fulfilment.


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The written word is not dead happiness the journals

Journaling became a staple for me in 2021. I must admit I was dubious, and I sincerely doubted my ability to stick with it, or should I say for writing to hold my imagination and keep me interested. I’ve never been a good writer and my handwriting is awful! Yet I have always been a fan of...

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Is it time to put the bumpers up? happiness health

What to do when you are gutter balling personally or professionally.

This article is all about what you can do when parts of your life aren’t going to plan, largely because your thoughts, actions and behaviours aren’t in line with who you are or who you consider yourself to be. I am...

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5 Simple Ways to Add Self Care This Week guest blogs happiness health

If you’re like me, you’re in the middle of your second decade as a performance practitioner and if there’s one thing that I’ve take away from that time, it’s that my own mental well-being is vital to my own long-term health, as well as the ability to maintain this...

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Manage Your Energy Not Your Time happiness health wealth

I knew a coach that used to say…

‘Time is the enemy’

I understood what he was getting at, that it always feels like there is more we can do, and we are always busy. But I didn’t fully buy into it. The more he used this mantra the more it started to bother me. Until one...

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How concussion can lead to clarity guest blogs happiness health

They say things come in threes!

A toddler trapped locked in a car, a car key lost on a trail run and a bike accident.

A warm week in June 2020 saw: a work colleague’s toddler lock himself in the car (he enjoyed the fire engine that came to free him), another work colleague losing her car...

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