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Building sustainable leaders and nurturing high performance talent.

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Our Mission

Supporting individuals and organisations to build sustainable leaders, nurture high-performance talent and create work: life harmony.

What We Do

We build bespoke well-being packages for individuals and corporate organisations to support senior leaders, managers and high-performance talent. Working collaboratively with you to understand your key metrics and ROI, in order to ensure you and your staff can thrive personally and professionally alongside the intense demands of your job. 

Corporate Thrive Programs

Manage stress-from surviving to thriving

We bring you our flagship program which support you and your high performing talent in understanding stress and thriving alongside it. Learn how to create your own high performance environment and deliver sustainable high performance personally and professionally. 

The two bespoke pathways are designed to meet the specific needs of your organisations leaders and talented workforce. The ‘Thriving Leaders’ pathway has been created for senior leaders and people managers in order to support the specific needs of this high value group.  The ‘Thriving Talent’ pathway is designed for high-flying employees who are invested, relentless and excel in the workplace, and/or individuals who have high stress high pressure roles within the organisation and may also have significant challenges in their personal lives.  

Delivered via our app-based portal and interactive calls, these two separate pathways utilise a unique inter-organisation, peer to peer support approach through their private communities.

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1-2-1 Coaching


You and your talented high performers can work privately with one of our ‘Corporate Avengers’ to deep dive into your personal well-being needs, building your own performance environment and bespoke solutions.  Delivered remotely via our 3-month sprint program or 6-month immersion.  Our programs are appropriate for senior leaders, your talented workforce or your at risk talent, we mould to meet your needs.

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Corporate Workshops


From thriving alongside extreme stress and pressure, building resiliency, switching off from the pressures of work, building work: life harmony and self-care in the fast lane, our team of diverse and world-classCorporate Avengers’ deliver instant and engaging impact with fantastic storytelling and anecdotes from their unique performance backgrounds.

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Our Impact

Retain talented employees
Reduce absenteeism
Greater employee morale, satisfaction and fulfilment
Increased productivity and performance
Delivery through world-leading experts from the Special Forces, Olympic & pro-sport, F1, Cirque de Soleil
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