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Josh Fletcher, MSc

Josh has 15+ years of experience as a human performance coach working with Olympic medal-winning programs, the military Special Forces, F2/F3 racing drivers and corporate professionals from the likes of PwC, Deloitte and Capita.

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He helps senior leaders, people managers and talented corporate professionals to thrive alongside the extreme demands, pressure and stress of the job. With expertise in stress management, burnout, switching off from high-pressure situations and resilience coaching, Josh brings a wealth of experience to provide bespoke well-being solutions for organisations and individuals.

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Throughout his career, Josh struggled to meet his high personal expectations, manage the stress of demanding jobs and find time to prioritise his well-being. The results of years of miss management were burnout, stress, job loss and apathy towards an industry he once loved. Josh’s purpose and why behind Wellness Blueprint is born out of experiencing the highest highs and lowest lows that the high-performance coaching industry can throw at a person.  His mission is to support individuals and organisations in delivering meaningful well-being interventions and creating work: life harmony.

Unique Skills

Stress management and inoculation
Thriving alongside extreme stress and pressure
Resilience Coaching 
Preventing burnout 
Career periodisation
Switching off and being present at home

Meet Josh’s Team

The Corporate Avengers
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The Corporate Avengers

This team of incredibly talented individuals has been assembled because they each possess unique skills and experiences from Military Special Forces, Olympic Sport, Fortune 500 Companies, Professional Sport, F1/F2 Motor Sport and the Cirque de Soleil. 

They consult internationally on topics relating to thriving alongside extreme stress and pressure, building resiliency, switching off from the pressures of work, building work: life harmony and self-care in the fast lane, high performance and leadership.  This is a truly unique best in class team of Avengers.

Sarah Murray, MSc PGCE

Sarah is an HCPC registered sport psychologist with over 14 years working with individuals/teams and leaders in elite sport and across a range of national sporting teams and organisations. She has used her expertise to establish performance psychology across several sports clubs, developing pathways for individuals to thrive in high-performing and pressured environments. 

Sarah’s person-centred approach across our team programmes, helps individuals reach their personal goals whilst contributing to team and organisational ambitions.

Top 3 Skills:

Helping leaders develop self-awareness, a strengths-based approach.

Creating space for gear changes, and effective self-management to ensure wellbeing as a competitive advantage.
Be where your feet are: understanding and managing stress responses.

Jamie Broadley, MSc

Jamie is a Head of Health & Wellbeing at a FTSE 250 organisation, responsible for designing and delivering workplace wellbeing strategies and interventions at huge scale and across global geographies. With experience across varied frontline services, including the NHS during the C-19 pandemic, Jamie understands how to overcome the challenges and barriers in operationalising workplace wellbeing within complex situations.

With a background in Health psychology and a professional rugby and coaching career Jamie is passionate about the link between wellbeing and performance and how to operationalise this in organisations and for teams and individuals.

Top 3 Skills:

Overcoming the challenges of delivering wellbeing initiatives in complex and fast moving settings.
Building team and individual resilience in high-performance, high-pressure situations.
Engaging others on the journey to high wellbeing & high performance through the power of storytelling.

Dr Pete Olusoga, PhD

Dr Peter Olusoga is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University. His PhD thesis, completed in 2012, focused on stress and coping in elite sports coaching, and his current research focuses on burnout and well-being in high-performance environments.

In addition to research, Dr Olusoga is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS), an experienced consultant, and host of the award-winning sport and performance psychology podcast, Eighty Percent Mental.

Top 3 Skills:

Managing stress in pressure-driven performance environments
Strategies to promote balance and well-being.

Burnout & recovery: Why recovery is a hidden performance enhancer.

Kevin O’Neil 

Kevin is a qualified advanced Oxygen Advantage instructor, Buteyko method coach, cold water therapist who has worked with nearly 2000 people since he established Breatheolution in 2020.

He specialises in educating clients to find mental and physical connections and the ability to process extreme stress.  Using breath practices and cold-water therapy Kev leads with empathy and creates space for groups and individuals to connect their minds and body both in the moment and for sustainable change. Knowledge is power when it comes to mental and physical equilibrium.

Top 3 Skills:

Education for sustainable change. How to use your breath and cold water immersion to tackle stress and relieve pressure. 
Connecting the mind to the body through breath, sensation and feelings.

Reducing acute and chronic work stress, improving atomic focus and productivity through breath awareness techniques and tools. 

Henry Cheetham, MSc

Founder of Elite Human Solutions.

Over the last decade, he’s inspired and led culture change within UK Special Forces. Built one of the pioneering human performance programs across NATO. And increased availability to previously unseen levels in professional New Zealand rugby.

Yet the principles that allowed him to achieve this apply just as much to the corporate setting.

He now works with ambitious, purpose-driven companies. Saving them time, money and stress through simplifying and building world class teams and culture.

Top 3 Skills:

Building world-class teams.
Eliminating blind spots.
Simplifying culture change.

Russell Earnshaw, MA

Rusty left Cambridge University with a MA in Economics and Mathematics, as a former professional rugby player with Bath Rugby, he graduated into coaching where he coached at Commonwealth Games, World Cups and in the England Pathway.

He works with senior leaders and talented staff at Google, PwC and Abbott, NZ Rugby, GB Hockey, the Premier League, ECB, and the FA to help leaders and coaches help themselves.

Despite his daughter Elsa thinking he is Chandler Bing, Rusty loves helping people explore leadership, coaching, and highly effective teams through creative thinking, interaction and challenge.

Top 3 Skills:

Creative leadership:

Generating options to help leaders make better decisions for them and their staff

Thinking slow to think fast:

Pre-morteming, running scenarios and planning better for impact.

Growing teams:

Creating belonging and more effective ways of working to support performance and staff wellbeing.

John Noonan, MPhil

John uses his 20 years of experience coaching extreme sports athletes, Formula motorsport, Cirque de Soleil, Premier League Football, European Tour Golf and C-suite executives to support leaders in building elite environments.

As an international speaker, John leads with authenticity, relatability and stories to share his experiences on leading teams, creating holistic high-performance environments and building unshakable confidence with his athletes.

Top 3 Skills:

Educational speaking on the impact of sleep, nutrition and stress management for optimising productivity and performance.
Protecting your team. How business leaders and people managers can support their team's well-being and nurture talent.
Building unshakable confidence. Lessons learned from F1 psychologists and implemented on track.

Dan Howells, MSc

From Olympic sport, England Rugby 7’s to the Houston Astros, Dan uses his 15 years of experience in performance sport to harness well-being through individualised processes and systems. 

As a senior leader, Dan specialises in enhancing personal skill effectiveness and professional self-awareness to remove bottlenecks and enhance individual and team effectiveness. 

Top 3 Skills:

Enabling practitioners to manage stress by understanding their own behaviour and mindset profiles.
Tackling challenging conversations with confident conversation.

Creating healthy personal and professional boundaries to manage well-being and confidence.

Noel Carroll, MSc

From F1 to the Premier League the problems are the same, building sustainable habits which hold up under extreme pressure to deliver repeated excellence. During his extensive experience in F1 Noel worked alongside some of the best performance psychologists and people managers to form part of his unique approach to repeatable excellence and performing with extreme pressure.

Top 3 Skills:

Repeated excellence: Building sustainable habits which stand up under extreme pressure. Lessons learned from F1. 
Problem-solving in the moment: Making confident decisions for success in the heat of the moment.

Getting out your own way and why expectation kills potential, productivity and performance.

Richard Husseiny, MSc

Richard is a performance coach and has worked with some of the best organisations and athletes in the world, his work with Team GB and China summer and winter programs, and Hintsa.

In 2015 Richard gave end-of-life care to his mother. This experience changed his life and allowed him to truly identify what was important to him. Richard supports people in not only finding their purpose in life, but how to impact behaviour change to start living in line with it.

Top 3 Skills:

Practical self-awareness to uncover & release limiting beliefs.

Practical strategies to get crystal clear on inner drivers (values & purpose).

Breathwork strategies to enhance resiliency, clarity and creativity.

Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller is a Holistic Heath Coach, with 15 years of coaching experience. Coming from a corporate background herself she realises the challenges that individuals now face in that environment. 

Her areas of expertise now lie in gut health and hormonal health, which in turn help professional women harness their individual needs to improve performance in the workplace. 

Stephanie's ethos is based on educating the individual so they gain sustainable changes and results for life. 

Top 3 Skills:

Supporting professional women to manage their performance throughout their cycle and dispelling myths for balanced periods.
Providing space for women to get to know their bodies and build their own balanced performance environment.
Leaping into your second spring. Helping women to navigate menopause so they can flourish personally and professionally with their changing bodies.

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