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This course is designed to support senior leaders, managers and talented corporate professionals to thrive alongside extreme stress and pressure in their jobs. Those who are physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted from stress or simply want to sustain high performance personally and professionally will move towards control and calm. 

World-renowned researcher in coach practitioner stress and burnout, Dr Peter Olusoga, guides you through this 6-week interactive course, with a separate 8 week option for senior leaders and people managers. You and your team will move away from being overwhelmed by stress and pressure, apathy in the workplace and a lack of work: life balance, towards an inspired career which fills you with pride, passion, love, and the ability to thrive.

As a truly unique offering, both pathways of this course offer inter-organisation delivery and, peer to peer support communities designed to group you together with like-minded professionals from outside your organisation to encourage interaction, shared purpose and peer support. 

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Dr Peter Olusoga is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University. His PhD thesis, completed in 2012, focused on stress and coping in elite sports coaching, and he has spent over a decade exploring stress, burnout, and well-being in high-performance environments. In addition to research, Dr Olusoga is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS), an experienced consultant, and host of the award-winning sport and performance psychology podcast, Eighty Percent Mental.

Josh Fletcher is the owner of Wellness Blueprint and has 15 years of experience in performance sport and the Special Forces. Josh has worked with professional and Olympic sport, F2 & F3 motorsport and the military.

He has experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows the coaching industry has to throw at a person, and his own experiences with burnout, stress and overwhelm are the main driver in creating Thrive. He has worked closely with and consultation with experienced practitioners from Fortune 500 companies to adapt Thrive to the needs of corporate professionals. Read more about Josh’s journey HERE.


Thriving Talent

For who:

High-flying employees who are invested, relentless and excel in the workplace.

Individuals who have extremely stressful or high-pressure roles and may high stress/pressure challenges in their personal lives as well.

  • 6 week course.
  • App-based interactive delivery.
  • 3 inter-organisation group calls with your thriving talent cohort.
  • Getting out your own way.
  • Surviving to thriving.
  • Strategies for life.
  • Bespoke stress management plan.
  • Private thriving talent inter-organisation peer to peer community.
  • Bonus content from business leaders, corporate professionals and elite sports practitioners.

Thriving Leaders

For who:

Senior leaders and people managers.

  • 8 week course.

  • App-based interactive delivery.

  • 4 inter-organisation group calls with your thriving leaders cohort.

  • 6 week ‘Thriving Talent’ course with 2 week bespoke bolt on.

  • Building an environment to thrive.

  • Removing stigma & building openness.

  • Work: life balance, protecting your people.

  • Private thriving leaders inter-organisation peer-to-peer community.

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The modules in this course are sequential and take you on a journey from feeling overwhelmed and disillusioned to feeling empowered and purposeful. All live content is recorded for you to watch back with full lifetime access to the content, but to experience the full benefit of the peer-to-peer support network, we recommend you attend each of the live interactive sessions.

Group call dates:
Monday 13th May @7pm UK time.
Monday 27th May @7pm UK time.
Monday 17th June @7pm UK time.

Leaders pathway
Monday 24th June @7pm UK time.

Thriving Talent Course



Week 1 lays the foundations by creating awareness of stress & burnout and how you experience stress in your job. We set the interactive and collaborative tone for the entire course with the first group support call. The first module is all about you and developing one of the keys to enjoying a sustainable coaching career: Self-awareness

  • Quickly identify the gradual creep of ongoing stress so you can avoid feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and the urge to procrastinate.
  • Spot the early signs of chronic stress in yourself and in your colleagues so you can reduce the risk and severity of burnout and create a supportive working environment.
  • Clearly understand the ways in which the work environment contributes to your stress levels in order to maintain or rekindle the love for the job you had when you first started out.
  • Meet the group and begin to engage with the power of community through a sense of shared purpose. You aren’t alone on this journey.

Module Features

  • Live kick-off call on 13th May at 7pm UK time (*recorded if you cannot make it).
  • 2 Guided Tasks.
  • Bonus Material: Coach Insight Video.
  • 60-Minute Live Group Seminar.



Week 1 was all about you, we progress on to how you can effectively navigate your environment by developing a deep understanding of your role within in it.  We will introduce practical exercises which support you in understanding, evolving in and adapting to your environment. You will…

  • Gain insight into how your own mind can often work against you when it comes to stress so that you can get out of your own way and remain happy, fulfilled and productive.
  • Learn about the uncontrollable nature of stress, so that you can take pleasure in your work and be resilient to the natural pressures of the job.
  • Develop a range of appropriate tools and strategies to manage stress so that you can keep hold of your mental, physical and emotional health even under extreme stress and pressure.

Module Features 

  • 3 Downloadable Noticing Exercises.
  • 1 Blog Post: What's The Deal With Mindfulness.



This is the 2nd of the collaborative group support calls is about shared experience, staying on track and creating confidence by moving through the struggles and challenges together.

  • Effectively summarise your personal takeaways and create simple and actionable daily practices.
  • Lean into social support created by the cohort community so that you no longer feel alone and isolated in your struggles.
  • Share your experiences with the other professionals and gain support from the group in order to build relationships that create camaraderie, belonging and accountability.

Module Features

  • Live call 27th May 7pm UK time.
  • Mid Course Reflection Exercises.
  • 60-Minute Live Group Seminar.
  • Live Guided Reflection Task.



Building on the self-awarenss skills you have created so far, this module will help you explore your own personal values and how to align them with those of the culture you work in. Learn to work authentically, whilst acknowledging the constraints and stressors of the job.

  • Cope with workplace expectations to deliver high-performance work every day so you can turn up as your best self at work and be present and engaged at home.
  • Navigate and negotiate your values using the tasksheet so you can understand how they integrate within your orgnaisation, it’s not a one way street.
  • Become your true self in and out of work, learn how to create a professional environment which fits into the life you want to lead.
  • Use unique decompression strategies to ensure your work stays invigorating, rewarding and fulfilling forever.

Module Features

  •  3 Guided Tasks.
  •  1 Blog Post: The Weight Of Expectation.



The exact methods which you will use to implement each modules learnings on a day to day basis. Looking after yourself can be a real struggle, this module will help you prevent feeling drained, unproductive, and lost.  Learn and practice mindful management and recovery strategies, and take back control of your own well-being.

  • Learn how to take effective ‘micro-breaks’ that work for you, so that you feel energised, invigorated, and ready to take on the daily challenges of your role.
  • Be deliberate and purposeful in developing your network, so that you feel supported, valued, and able to talk about your challenges with others who understand.
  • Use ‘nudging’ strategies to map out your downtime and recovery, so that you can be on top of your game for your team, clients and loved ones.

Module Features

  • Mindfulness Exercises.
  • Micro-Break Exercises.



We close out the course and set you up for the future in this final module. On your 3rd group support call you will be guided through course reflections and set you up for continuous support with the peer community so you can gain success, enjoyment and sustainability in the workplace.

  • Your bespoke stress management action plan will help you to prevent, manage and recover from excessive stress and give you skills for life.
  • Use the lifetime cohort access on the community hub to lean into social support which has been created during the course, so that you are confident that you have continual support and are no longer feel alone and isolated in your struggles.
  • Exit the course with lasting supporting relationships with professionals who know your struggles, understand your feelings and have been through the same educational journey. You are not alone in your struggles.
  • Leverage the inter organisation support community to expand your network and share your challenges and solutions with people of a similar level from within other organisaitons and your own.

Module Features

  • Live close-out call Monday, 17th June at 7pm UK time.
  • End Of Course Reflection Exercises.
  • 60-Minute Live Group Seminar.
  • Stress Management Action Plan.

Thriving Leaders Course



This module is about:

  • Lead from the front. don’t tell me mental health is important, show me that it is. Learn to lead and become comfortable with empowering vulnerability in order to connect with your team and build a safe environment to nurture your team.
  • Breaking down stigma and barriers to well-being support. create a psychologically safe environment for you and your talented workforce, where teams are comfortable to share and explore stress, challenge and pressure to perform.
  • What are your talented team members going through? use the ‘Help-Seeking Audit’ and then work collaboratively with your teams to build a bespoke environment which allows your staff to feel cared for, heard, understood, respected, supported and invested in.
  • Build your conditions to thrive work within your confines. understand the 6 areas of work-life (Reward, Fairness, Control, Community, Values and Workload).  in order to effectively promote well-being and sustainable performance, getting upstream of burnout and stress related absence & reduced productivity.

 Module Features

  • Live leaders group call 24th June 7pm UK time.
  • 3x demistifying videos: Psychological safety, challenging environments and motivational climate.
  • The ‘Help-seeking’ audit. Lowering the threshold to help-seeking.



This final module sees us close out the course with the final group call. We ask the difficult questions around your team and organisations high performance environment.  Nothing changes if nothing changes, so we look to peel back the layers and discuss how you know if your organisation is thriving, and how you move from acknowledging change to implementation and sustainable improvement.

  • Is your team surviving or thriving? Understanding your markers and what your teams and organisations specific well-being behaviours look and feel like.
  • At what cost? The true impact of placing your team first at all costs. 
  • Building a culture of self-care and guidelines for best practice. What is the current example being set with current practices, attitudes and leadership?
  • Minority stress. What is it and what are you doing to acknowledge it with your teams? 

Collaborate, challenge and troubleshoot. Leverage the final group call to work through some of your individual and organisational issues, follow up the discussion and deep dive into specific topics in the Thriving Leaders community.

 Module Features

  • Guidelines for best practice.
  • Stress in minoritized groups - Understanding the needs of the whole workforce.
  • Bonus insights video on supporting HP teams.
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Don’t be a Hero: The destructive power of the Superman Complex in coaching. Even Superheroes have to team up every once in a while! In this bonus module, you’ll learn about the Superhero Complex – the unhealthy sense of responsibility that leaves you feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders alone. Learn to spot and avoid the risk factors for developing a Superhero Complex so that you can maintain a healthy perspective on work and life, and continue to thrive in your job.


Join the community focused on prioritising well-being, and get exclusive access to interactive online resources, insights, and support 🚀. Inside, find accessible content from experts in Military Special Forces, the Olympics, Professional sports, F1/2 motorsport, and the corporate world. Content is organised into simple, easy-to-navigate groups for efficiency.


How to turn feelings of imposter syndrome into your advantage and career success. learn how ordinary people have achieved extraordinary success and happiness, even though they still experience imposter syndrome.  This comprehensive resource has been put together by international speaker Dean Leak who consults with the likes of PwC, L’Oreal, KPMG, HSBC and the British Government.  This manual has supported to use imposter syndrome to find happiness, build a highly successful career and become incredibly influential, by being yourself (without trying to fight a losing battle).


Hear of the real-world stories of 6 elite coaches who share their experiences with burnout.  Gain insights as to how these fantastic coaches have struggled with burnout and navigated the complexities of preventing, managing and recovering from burnout throughout their career.


As soon as you register you will receive lifetime access to all of the course content.


Every cohort will get full access to the Thrive community space for their pathway to ensure you have peer to peer support and access to continued support and information from your course leaders.

Course Design



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  • 6 modules bursting with 12 recorded sessions, weekly exercises, and additional support content & resources.
  • 3 live interactive group calls to support guided reflection, shared experience and group accountability.
  • Cohort-based learning to create a collaborative and peer-to-peer supportive community led by your course leaders.
  • Lifetime access to your cohort community hub where all content and interaction will take place.
  • Complete lifetime access to all the course content, including access to all the support call recordings, webinar downloads and module exercises.
  • Support in building your own bespoke ‘Burnout prevention plan.’
  • FREE lifetime access to the wellness hub.
  • FREE Imposter Syndrome Manual.
  • 30-minute ‘superhero complex’ bonus recording.
  • 6 x elite coach and corporate professionals reflection bonus interviews.
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We want you to have peace of mind and feel confident in your investment.

Once you have completed the first week of the course, completed the exercises and engaged with the community, if you are not completely satisfied that the course can help solve your problems then you can email us and let us know you’d like your money back.

A full refund will be offered based on full participation and engagement with all the provided tools and resources. We worked hard to create a user-friendly, applicable and research-backed course for you so we want to ensure that you Thrive!


I Don’t Feel Like I Manage Stress Poorly or I’m Struggling, but I Want to Avoid It. Is This Course Still Relevant for Me?

Absolutely. Prevention is better than cure, and this course will give you the tools to understand workplace stressors and how they affect you as an individual. Then arm you with the skills to manage and prevent them taking over.

Is This Suitable for My Organisaiton?

The two pathways are specifically designed to support your leaders and people managers (Thriving Leaders pathway) and nurture your high performance talent (Thriving Talent pathway).  Access is scalable, interactive and options exist to add on in-person extras, inter-organisation cohorts, 1-2-1 coaching or adapted bespoke in house options.

Am Interested in Gaining Access for My Staff, How Can I Do This?

No problem, contact us directly to discuss whether you want to pursue the inter-organisation cohort or in-house options and we can layout how to best facilitate your needs. 

Can I Pay in Installments?

For individual purchases, yes. You can split the course fee into 3 equal payments. With the first installment due upon sign up, 2nd installment required prior to week 3 commencing, and the final installment required prior to week 5 commencing to unlock the remaining modules.

What Happens if I Miss a Live Session?

All the live calls are recorded so you can catch back up at a convenient time.

What Happens After the Course Finishes?

You receive lifetime access to the course materials and your community platform. Once your cohort has finished you will be added to the ‘Global Thrive’ community for your pathway (Thriving Talent or Thriving Leaders), where you can interact with professionals from multiple backgrounds and organisations. Pete and Josh will also continually add content and remain engaged with all course graduates. 

Will I Have Access to the Course Tutors During the Course?

Yes. Pete and Josh will be managing and moderating the community platform throughout the course.

What Happens if I Cannot Complete the Course in 6 Weeks?

The course is designed to be completed in 6 weeks to ensure you have an optimal learning experience but we understand sometimes life just gets in the way, so you will have lifetime access to the course content to ensure you can catch up when convenient.

I Don’t Want Anyone to Know I Am Doing This Course; Can I Remain Anonymous?

We respect coach individuals right to anonymity so it is possible to remain anonymous throughout the course, You can simply switch off your camera on the live calls and we can set your account up with a pseudonym however, we do encourage both collaboration and engagement to ensure that you gain the support and interaction needed to manage and prevent burnout.

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