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The Reflective Practitioner Journal

Your guide to putting your well-being first.

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Are You Feeling:

  • Exhausted and burned out.
  • That you never seem to have time to put yourself first.
  • That your relationships suffer because of your job.
  • That your work-life balance is out of whack.

The Reflective Practitioners Journal will help you to deal with the struggles and stresses of being a Performance Practitioner by helping you to carve out a bit of time for daily self-care. Simply filling out the daily, weekly and monthly tasks you will gain skills, knowledge and clarity on how to manage and unburden yourself of some of our industry’s biggest issues.

Beauty in Simplicity.

The Reflective Practitioners Journal is a beautifully simple product which will be your guide toward happiness, health and wealth. It is designed to give you daily, weekly and monthly check-ins so you can not only improve as a coach but as a practitioner.

We operate in a service industry; we serve our athletes in order to optimise their performance. But what are you doing to help optimise yours? We cannot truly turn up for our clients and athletes if we are not looking after our own well-being. The Reflective Practitioners Journal is your start point.

The Reflective Practitioners Journal.

The Reflective Practitioner Journal is the only product of its kind designed specifically to help guide performance practitioners towards a healthier and happier work life balance. Using the 12-week reflective practitioner program and the happy practitioner exercises you can begin a really powerful process of taking control of your personal and professional journey. Because you are more than just a performance practitioner.

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Who is The Reflective Practitioner Journal For?

For the practitioners who put their clients and athletes first at the expense of their social lives, happiness, health, wealth and career progression. For the practitioners who don’t leave enough for themselves.

S&C Coaches 
Sports Coaches
Sports Scientists
Personal Trainers
Athletic Trainers
Performance Analysts
Physical Therapists
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The Journal.

This Journal is the first product designed to give Performance Practitioners the skills to take control of their happiness, health, and wealth. Dedicate some time and attention to yourself the same way that you do your athletes and clients, and see opportunities, fulfilment and happiness flow your way.

Take control of your happiness, health and wealth. The 12-week program guides you towards a more balanced approach to your professional and personal development by planning, doing and reviewing on a daily weekly and monthly basis. You will regain control of your work life balance and build a career pathway which is right for you.

Daily Check-in.

The inventive and beautifully simple 3 up 3 down method of reflective practice was taken from Josh’s work with the Special Forces. This method encourages you to limit your negative reflection and ensures that you are engaging with your daily debrief in a positive way.

‘Just for me’ section ensures that you engage everyday with your happiness, health and wealth and prioritising it and give your well-being the energy it deserves.

Weekly Check-in.

These meso level exercises support you in identifying your recurring good and bad habits. Alongside positive weekly reflection with the ‘small wins’ and ‘big wins’ section you have a powerful weekly springboard to summarise your weeks progress.

Finally, you can draw this feedback together with the weeks recurring thoughts and the actions you plan to take in the following week.

The scribbles that matter pages give you freedom to expand on anything from the past week. It is your chance to open up and write freely about where you are in that moment. Let it all out and wax lyrical.

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Monthly Check-in.

There are 3 monthly macro check ins are designed to give you the opportunity to write openly about the previous month. Followed by zooming in on specifically what happened from a happiness, health and wealth perspective in the last month.

Next there is space provided to document your plans and targets fur the upcoming month regarding your happiness, health and wealth. Use the ribbons to mark your spot so you can reflect back easily each month

The Happy Practitioner Exercises.

Because you are more than just a performance practitioner.

Each of the 12 exercises fall at the end of each week. They are designed to give you the time and space to invest in yourself a bit more effectively so you can explore what you really want to achieve. They will be challenging exercises which provide you with the skills to take control of your personal and professional pathway.

Outstanding Quality.

Designed for Performance Practitioners by Performance Practitioners.

With a soft matte black, crush proof cover and beautifully crafted ivory interior pages ‘The Performance Practitioners Journal’ is the perfect blend of quality and style, but the real beauty of this journal lies in its simplicity and applicable exercises.

  • A5 matte black journal. Soft crush proof cover.
  • 146 ruled pages. 120 gsm ivory paper.
  • Lay flat binding.
  • Hardback storage case.
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How It Works

Follow the Reflective Practitioner Program and the Happy Practitioner exercises to add structure, positivity and consistency to your professional reflections before taking a little time for yourself each day to invest in your happiness, heath and wealth.

Journal Features Specification

12 weeks of Journaling.
12 Weekly Check-ins.
12 Happy Practitioner exercises.
12 Scribbles That Matter.
3 Meso checkpoints


Clear & concise reflection.
Reinforce positive habits.
Daily time for you.
Power of writing.
Clearer mind.
Goals remain present.


A5 matte black journal.
Soft crush proof cover.
146 ruled pages.
120gsm ivory paper.
Lay flat binding.
Hardback storage case.

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UK Shipping Only
Delivery outside the UK cannot be processed.

How To Buy

Reflective Practitioner Journal

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Take a Look at What Inside

Created by High-performance Coach Josh Fletcher

I created ‘The Reflective Practitioners Journal’ because you deserve to be happy, healthy, and wealthy. As performance practitioners, we give so much of ourselves to our athletes and don’t put enough time aside for our own personal well-being.

I have hit the wall professionally and experienced burnout. It always has a profound impact on physical, emotional, and mental health, and I certainly felt this. So, I drew a line in the sand, deciding personally to take control of my well-being and make it my mission to support other practitioners on their journey to a better work-life balance.

Within the field of strength & conditioning and sports rehabilitation, I have worked with Olympic Athletes, Professional Rugby and Football players, US NAVY Seals, Special Forces operators, F2 & F3 racing drivers and the general public who just want to be a bit better each day.


I love my Reflective Practitioners Journal. In fact, I bought one for everyone on our staff. Reflective gratitude writing has been shown to be effective for so many areas of life. Thanks, Josh

Mike Boyle

MB Strength & Conditioning


Thanks to Career Blueprint for bringing such a great resource to those of us working in high performance environments. Self-reflection and self-care are under indexed amongst performance practitioners. Check this great little journaling tool out.


Duncan French

UFC Vice President Performance


A superb addition to the support practitioner’s toolkit. Thoughtfully put together, informed by high-performance industries, practical and intuitive. If you’re interested in improving and managing your energies this journal is well worth the investment.


Dr Steve Ingham

Supporting Champions

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