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The Part of Training SF Operators Enjoyed the Most.

SF Operators


Or ‘reloading’ is what I renamed it to get a bit more buy-in.

I was nervous the first time I tried these things with the operators and recruits…

  • Yoga.
  • Breathwork.
  • Meditation.

They were alphas, the complete and total definition of the term.

Chosen because of it almost.

My perception was that they sat at the completely other end of the spectrum.

Trained to have a comfortable relationship with violence.

And I wanted them to down-regulate that fight:flight response which they spent most days honing, to switch off and clear their minds.

I made assumptions, but the reality was that for some, the short amount of time daily was a god send for the operators.

A time to totally relax and surrender, to switch off, clear their minds and engage with reloading.

An ‘escape from daily stress’, and the ‘only few minutes I have to myself each day’ was what they told me.

This was the time period in my career when I truly understood and bought into the value of breath work, mindfulness and movement for stress reduction.

If the most alpha people on this planet could not only get a lot from it, and value it but also enjoy it, then so can you.

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