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What You’ll Find Inside the Community

Accessible content from subject matter experts from the Military Special Forces, Olympic and Professional sport, F1/2 motorsport and corporate business. Content is broken down into the groups below to make it accessible, super simple to navigate and time efficient.

🌱 Resilience
Strategies and tactics needed to thrive alongside the personal and professional challenges life throws at us.
💡 Mental Energy
Protect your headspace and learn what you need and when to create and maintain high performance.
 🚧 Boundaries
The why, what and how of boundaries and their pivotal role in your well-being.

 ⚖️ Work:Life Balance
Find that harmony between work and life. Squash the myth of work:life balance and change your relationship with work.
💚 Wellness Snacks
Short, concise bite-sized wellness tactics for in the moment and reframing.
💆🏻 Self-care in the fast lane
All things self care.

💬 Group Chat
Share, interact and connect in this group chat room.
🔄 Switching Off
How to transition from work mode to home mode consistently and effectively.
✨ Values and Purpose
Align your personal and professional beliefs. Live authentically and create a career and way of being which fits into your goals.
😴 Sleep
Setting yourself up for quality sleep even if you can't get the quantity.

💪 Exercise & Nutrition
The building blocks of your health.


💫 Stress Management
Identify your stressors early and learn how to respond and not react to stress.

Thriving alongside the pressures of your job and stressful home lives is hard. Here is how this community will support you…

Sustainable Change

Removing barriers to improved well-being.

Subject Matter Experts

 Community moderators from the military Special Forces, corporate leadership, Olympic coaches, and subject matter experts.

Engaged Support 

Monthly live online events, hours of actionable strategy & tactics content, peer to peer support and much more.

Access to Experts

Private access to community support leaders.


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This is a really cool community, got a sneak peak for a few months pre-launch and there is so many golden nuggets of content in here. It’s great!


I’ve used a lot of these well-being type apps. For me, I love the personable approach and the intereraction. Such variety I’m in here daily!

Medical Professional

My job is super stressful. It literally takes over. I’ve actually managed to put some boundaries in place based on the advice in here! Amazing!


Love the bite sized content. I don’t have ages to sift through what I’m looking for. It’s short, sharp and well organised.

Finance consultant
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What You'll Get:

  • Exclusive access to all well-being breakout rooms.
  • Bite-sized wellness content on each well-being topic.
  • Monthly online events from Military Special Forces, Olympic & Pro sport, corporate space and motorsport.
  • Live Q&A sessions with subject matter experts.
  • Expert community moderators and contributors.
  • Hours of well-being recorded content.
  • Mobile app.
  • Meetups and community chat.
  • Peer to peer support.
  • Private chat option with community host Josh Fletcher.
  • Useful links and resources from the wellness and health profession.


Free bonus material for all members:

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Hello, I'm

Josh Fletcher

I have 15+ years of experience as a human performance coach working with Olympic medal-winning programs, the military Special Forces, F2/F3 racing drivers and corporate professionals from the likes of PwC, Deloitte and Capita.

I help senior leaders, people managers and talented corporate professionals to thrive alongside the extreme demands, pressure and stress of the job. With expertise in stress management, burnout, switching off from high-pressure situations and resilience coaching, I bring a wealth of experience to provide bespoke well-being solutions for organisations and individuals.

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