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Boundaries Scripts 

How to communicate your boundaries with confidence, authority and composure whilst maintaining strong rapport and healthy relationships.

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  • Fed up with diluting your salary by overdelivering at work?

  • Exhausted by people taking more than you are willing to give?

  • Stuck when it comes to know how to communicate your boundaries without losing rapport?

  • Fed up with saying “yes” all the time and people pleasing?

  • Putting everyone else’s needs before your own?

  • Confused about how to say “no” to loved ones?

  • Lacking the knowledge and confidence in setting boundaries which won’t cost you your job, progression opportunities or ruin your relationships?

The boundaries scripts will help you to have these difficult conversations and turn worry and overwhelm into powerful communication, career opportunity and fulfilling relationships for you.

In this highly practical, empowering, and thought-provoking guide, you’ll learn how to structure your communication around your boundaries, start difficult conversations and reinforce them with your boss, colleagues, family and friends and your partner.

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I’ve spent 18 years as a performance coach, supporting Olympians, Special Forces operators and F2 racing drivers, and I am a recovering “YES MAN”.

For 15 of those years, I had no boundaries. I said yes to every opportunity, bit of work, extra responsibility and commitment that came my way, my career benefited for a time, but my health was crushed.

Everything changed when I created boundaries, my bosses and clients no longer took more than I was willing to give, in my relationships I found equality, mutual respect and a healthy balance of energy and time for myself. Everything just clicked into place.

Now, I leverage my skills and knowledge from the elite environments I have worked in and use boundary setting as a one of my most potent tools to support people in not only managing stress but creating work: life harmony so that you can live an inspired life.

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The Boundary Scripts have been designed to simplify difficult conversations around what you are and are not willing to do any longer. If you need to set boundaries towards:

If you need to set boundaries towards:

Your Boss

Your colleagues

Your family 

You friends

Your partner

Then this guide is for you. With a clearly defined conversation structure you can use the scripts as your foundation for effective and impactful conversations with the people taking more than you are willing to give.

This guide is about prioritising your well-being, and taking back control of your life, so that your time, energy and health are no longer dictated too by others.

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Who are the Boundaries Scripts For?

Corporate professionals overdelivering and stuck in a “yes” cycle.

Coaches and performance practitioners who fear job loss or lack of progression if they say no.

Coaches and Professionals who are fed up with diluting their salary.

Mums, dads, husbands and wives who are exhausted by doing everything for everyone else.

Leaders who have no boundaries and manage teams with no boundaries.

People Pleasers and yes men.

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  • Comfortable with starting and holding difficult conversations.
  • Calm, clear and confident in saying no.
  • Skilled to deal with people not respecting your boundaries.
  • Like you have taken back control of your life.


  • Putting everyone’s needs above your own.
  • Diluting your salary by overdelivering at work.
  • Giving more to others than you are willing to give.
  • Saying “yes” when you really want to say “no”.
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