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Boundaries Toolkit

Build healthy boundaries, re-claim your well-being whilst sustaining strong relationships.

Join the community built for people looking to identify, create and reinforce boundaries in their personal and professional life and gain exclusive access to monthly calls, group coaching and peer to peer support, alongside your own bespoke ‘Boundaries Blueprint’.

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Next intake 16th of September

What You’ll Find Inside the Community

Accessible content centred around fixing the pain and discomfort caused by poor boundaries. Gain access to subject matter experts from elite sport, military, chartered therapists and HR to support you in building healthy boundaries and maintaining strong relationships.

Content is broken down into the groups below to make it accessible, super simple to navigate and time efficient.


Creating and maintaining boundaries with family, friends, partner and kids. Protecting yourself from drama and unavoidable life challenges.


Negotiate your boundaries without fear and discomfort and build professional boundaries with confidence. Also, for leaders to learn how to support their teams.


The how & why of building boundaries with yourself. Get out your own way with realistic and sustainable healthy boundaries.

Tools & Resources

Home of your ‘Boundaries Blueprint’, boundaries scripts, podcast episodes, links, infographics and much more.

Struggles & Challenges

The heartbeat of the community is your story. Share your own challenges and pain points, and gain moderator and peer-to-peer support.

Protect your time, energy, money, health and love whilst maintaining strong relationships and rapport. Here is how the community will support you…

Group Coaching

Monthly live peer to peer support for your struggles and challenges.

Boundaries Blueprint

Your bespoke roadmap to identifying, creating and maintaining healthy boundaries.


Monthly live masterclass around boundaries and your boss, colleagues, family, friends, partner and yourself.

Boundaries scripts

Comprehensive support scripts which help you communicate your boundaries and maintain rapport.

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Next intake 16th of September



I’ve been using Josh’s ‘Boundaries Blueprint’ in our 1-2-1 coaching and its helped me sort out some really toxic and exhausting personal situations. It’s been excellent for me.



I’ve been really struggling with my job taking over my life, so Josh gave me early access to the community. I was genuinely worried about how my boss would react when I stood up for myself, I followed the scripts and got the time back I needed without any grief from the boss! Amazing.


HR professional

I’ve said ‘yes’ at work more than I should and dug myself a massive hole, I’ve been in the community 2 months and I’ve managed to stop digging, and had got some support from my bosses at work (which I was not expecting at all). The scripts have been golden for me.



Fitness Professional

I’ve been over giving for years and I couldn’t do it anymore. I wanted to change but didn’t know how without driving people away, so I joined the community and honestly the improvements were instant! In 3 months I’d totally changed my life through firm boundaries. This community has genuinely changed my life.



I went zero to hero boundaries in 3 months! Delighted to share that I graduated with real clarity and confidence.


Team Leader

I was part of the pilot launch and I’m so grateful as it’s given me so much knowledge and confidence to speak up for myself at work when people are taking advantage of me. I learnt how to say a healthy no. Thank you Josh 🙏


Recruitment Consultant

I could never make any boundaries stick personally or professionally and I finally feel like I’ve mastered it now. 4 months in the community and I solved my issues.



I had a horrendous situation at home, with family members basically taking the piss for a long time. In 2 months I’d gained the confidence to tackle the issues, and within 4 my life and relationship with my kids and wife is so much better.


Sports Coach

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Next intake 16th of September

What You'll Get:

  • 1 monthly online masterclass on topics such as creating boundaries towards your family, boss, partner, colleagues, self and ‘how to’ sessions.
  • 1 live monthly Q&A group coaching calls, where we work through your challenges live.
  • Exclusive access to all boundaries breakout rooms.
  • Expert community moderators and contributors.
  • Access to all recorded masterclasses.
  • Hours of boundaries recorded content, articles and infographics.
  • Mobile app.
  • Meetups and community chat.
  • Peer to peer support.
  • Useful links and resources from the wellness and health profession.

Free Bonus Material for All Members:

  • FREE copy of the Imposter Syndrome manual.
  • FREE Morning Mastery and Career Crossroads manuals.
  • 25% off the ‘Healthy Boundaries’ short course.
  • FREE Boundaries Blueprint
  • Free Boundaries Scripts

I'm Josh Fletcher

And I am a recovering ‘yes man’.

For years I put everyone else’s needs before my own, my default was yes and there was no line between work and my personal life. Until I got walked over one too many times and I built my own ‘boundaries blueprint’. It was not easy let me tell you, but I stuck with it and boundaries changed my life.

I have 17+ years of experience as a human performance coach working with Olympic medal-winning programs, the military Special Forces, F2/F3 racing drivers and corporate professionals from the likes of PwC, Deloitte and Capita. I gave my life and soul to every job and client.

Now, I help organisations and senior leaders, people managers and talented corporate professionals to thrive alongside the extreme demands, pressure and stress of the job. I use my own lived experience and extensive experience within sport, the special forces and Motorsport to support other in managing stress, burnout, switching off from high-pressure situations and of course building boundaries is at the heart of my work.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Next intake 16th of September