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Protect yourself from these people…

Protect yourself from these people…

This one always ruffles a few feathers, so I’ll put some context on this from the off.

If you don’t set your own boundaries then someone else will do that for you.

I also talk about the most important assets in your life a lot, which are your ⤵️

  • 🕰️ Time
  • ⚡️ Energy
  • 😃 Health
  • 💜 Love
  • 💰 Money

So when you do not set boundaries around your assets others will dictate how they are spent, invested and priortised.

This I can promise you, will grind you down and cause significant impact on your health and well-being.

I know this very well as a recovering ‘Yes Man’.

So that’s the context and here are the 3 groups of people you need to create boundaries with…

1. People at work.

Your employer, boss, colleagues, clients, players, team members all need to know what your lines in the sand are, and what your lines in the concrete are (credit @Garry Banfords CEO client for that gem!). You also need to know theirs. Oh and if you don’t communicate them with everyone then no one will ever know when they are over stepping them.

2. Your friends and family.

Partner, parents, kids, friends and extended family all need to have boundaries. They need to know what you need in order to maintain your health and well-being. This is essential for you to show up as your best self for them and for you.

It’s not a negative, everyone at arms length deal, it’s a ‘I need to do these things daily and weekly in order to be solid’.

Boundaries in your relationship are excellent, but they are only excellent if you actually create some and communicate them! I highly recommend doing this as a couple, what you feel you need and why, then how you can support each other with these.


3. You from you.

Last but by very means least. Sometimes you need to protect yourself from you!

You will have natural tendencies and habits which aren’t always in line with the way you want to live your life and your goals.  This can be as simple as a blocking app which stops you scrolling after a set hour, through to tactics which stop you engaging and spiraling with negative thoughts.

There is a big self-awareness element to this, start by thinking about what situations you have tripped yourself up in the past and then what small but consistent changes can you make to avoid repetition.

If you neglect any one of these group, they’ll run amok spending your assets all over the place and it is you who will pick up the damage.

If it sounds a bit extreme to think you need to put boundaries in place with pretty much everyone in your life then consider the cost of not putting any in place!

Now that’s a scary thought!

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