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Why You Should Stop Questioning Yourself?

Why you should stop questioning yourself.

There is enough stress and pressure in life without you adding more to your plate.

We all have doubts.

We all question whether we have the skills and knowledge sometimes.

Most importantly.

Every human is trying to figure it out.

No one has it all sussed. We are all dealing with stress, challenges, and pressure.

The weight of self-doubt is heavy. I consciously stopped questioning and second-guessing myself recently.

I was in a habit of questioning myself and doubting my decisions and path in pretty much all areas of life. 

"Am I good enough?"
"Is what I say adding value?"
"Is this right?"
"What will everyone think/say?" 

It's suppressing and always there.

A bit like this blob man, being pushed and challenged to stand up under the weight of my own questions.

A few weeks back, I simply stopped.

Enough was enough, and I quit the questioning.

Why add more pressure to life when we are just trying to figure it out as we go.

It is easier said than done.

I started by flipping every question I asked myself.

See, I know that my questioning stemmed from fear.

An emotion.

So I challenged the emotion with some logic or at the very least to play the opposites game.

"What if this turns out better than you ever expected?"
"What if everyone thinks this is amazing?"
"This is the future you're worried about Josh. That doesn't exist yet."
"Worry and concern is normal Josh. You don't have to engage with it and feed it every time it pops its ugly head up."

Slowly but surely, the questions aren't as frequent.

The questions aren't as potent either.

The language has changed as well.

"How are you going to achieve this?"
"What skills/knowledge do you need to make this a success?"
"What is the support that you need to make this happen?"

Stop weighing yourself down with questions that are holding you back.

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