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Transition Time.

Transition Time.

Consider what we are genuinely asking ourselves to do when we talking about 'switching off'. We aren't robots and we can't flick a switch and be in home mode.

We are going to talk a lot about transition time, but first consider what we expect of ourselves...it is totally unrealistic.

Work mode:
👉 Professional
👉 Task driven, outcome focussed, targets, deadlines
👉 Removal of emotion
👉 Managing clients, players, managers and multiple personalities and agendas

Home mode:
👉 Presence, calm
👉 Fun and enjoyment
👉 Routine
👉 Loved ones
👉 Embracing emotions
👉 Connection and intimacy
👉 Relax, recover and reload

These lists aren't exhaustive, but there aren't particularly aligned.
Step 1 is to accept that you are required to act and be a certain way in each environment.
Step 2 is to engage with the fact that it takes some time and intentional effort to transition between these 2 ways of interacting.

It's hard! But it is doable. In future blog posts we're going to dig into this a lot deeper.
What are your thoughts when you think about work mode and home mode?

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