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There is More Out There for Me. I Want Better for Myself.

There is More Out There for Me.

A short blog post about protecting your most important assets.

🕰️ Time
💰 Money
⚡️ Energy
💜 Love
😃 Health

I have been talking about this area of investing a lot recently, it is an area so many of us get wrong, and I am as bad as the next guy. 

In recent years I have become critically aware of how I invest in all 5 of these.

I spent years misplacing all of them.

What ends up happening is a feeling of being lost, disillusioned, confused and unfulfilled.

There is a sense that ‘there is more out there for me, I want better for myself’.

This can be with how you spend your time personally or professionally, how you invest the money in your bank or on your personal development, the effort you put into tasks and activities and of course your relationships.

For me this is about investment, generally speaking, most of us wouldn’t go and blow our hard-earned money on shady investments which aren’t protected, researched or going to provide some clear returns.

Now, this is a blog post about investing, so as someone who has miss invested for many years, I am going to give you my learnings, so you don’t have to go down my route of burning through all 5 of these assets above.

📌 Understand exactly what you want before you spend (your time, money, energy, and love), and write it down.
📌 If you can’t clearly articulate the outcome you want, invest cautiously or not at all.
📌 Understand what you do not want, and list it down.
📌 Do your research, then cross-check it with a trusted peer.
📌 Is this something you can do yourself? If so, what knowledge gaps do you need to close?
📌 If you can’t/don’t want to do it yourself, who is the subject matter expert you need to guide you?
📌 Once you have your basic essential qualifications, invest in your personal development. Professional courses and certifications can wait. Personal development trumps professional development
📌 Money matters. Learning how to accumulate, protect and manage it is a skill you’ll never ever regret.

Until you truly know what you want, you’ll make poor investments. 

That’s part of learning and growing, just try to make sure you don’t exhaust that asset and take it from your future self. 

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