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The Years That Made My Career but Nearly Killed Me.

The Years That Made My Career but Nearly Killed Me.

You can see it in my eyes.

The bags under them could have carried my weekly shop.

I gave every single ounce of life to that job, to that club and the players I worked with.

I frequently wrestle with what I would change about the 3.5 years I spent working in pro-rugby.

I see my habits, traits and mentality in 90% of my clients. 

The traits that nearly killed me.

In 2016, I fell asleep behind the wheel on the M621 motorway.

I woke to horns blaring past me, one foot flat on the accelerator, the other flat on the brake (which is actually very awkward to do). 

There was not a scratch on me, and some light scratches on the car. A miracle.

I scared the life out of myself and the outcome could very easily have been different. 

Long story short. 

That was the bang 💥of my burn out experience that I talk so frequently about.

These are the traits that lead to that me burning out. The traits I see in 90% of my high performance clients-corporate mostly...

👉Putting work before my well-being, relationships and life out of work
👉More and better. Always seeking betterment in every aspect of life
👉Poor prioritisation of time, energy and tasks
👉Double down mentality when things are tough at work (time and energy taken from everywhere else to achieve this)
👉Non-existent/poor quality recovery
👉Placing everyone else's well-being before my own. In this order club-players-partner-friends & family-me
👉"I've just got to..." do xyz work task was my catchphrase 
👉Zero professional boundaries. Available 100% of the time

My list goes on and on.

I know a lot of us are on the path to burning out, but trust me it is easier to avoid it than it is to recover from it.

3 years it took me to finally feel right again, to understand what had happened, and what had got me there. 

Don't do what I did. 

Make small and easy to implement changes now to avoid bangs 💥.

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