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Stop Saying Sorry for a Late Response.

What even is a late response if we never agreed a response time?

‘Sorry for the late reply’
‘So sorry totally missed this’
‘Apologies for taking so long to get back to you’
‘Sorry for the delay’
‘Sorry it’s been mad at my end, sorry for slow response’

I’ve copy and pasted these from emails and text messages I’ve received from clients no less.

Who I’m working with to support 
👉Stress management and burnout prevention 
👉Work:life harmony 
👉Switching off 

When we talk about the impact of small things, one of the first things to start doing is…

‘Thank you for your patience’
‘I appreciate your patience with my response’

Start saying thank you more and sorry less.

You’ll find this can be used everywhere, and it often turns something perceived as negative into a positive. 

So please.

This upcoming week.

Stop saying sorry for ‘slow, late, delayed’ responses! 

You owe zero apologies unless you agreed a timeframe and you weren’t able to meet it or communicate that.

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