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My Why Behind What I Do

My Why Behind What I Do.

A massive part of my ‘why’ behind what I do.

I do not share my story for sympathy, empathy, or 'hope you're good now mate' sentiments.

I share because it does not have to be this way.

I share because I know with my hand on my heart that there are other people who are going through what I did.

I know how horrendous it can feel to be a 'high performer', to be invincible, relentless, driven and obsessive.

But not knowing how to slow down, change lanes and take my foot off the gas.

Personally, I was defined by what I did for a living. Yes, I was in a toxic environment.

But I chose to over-deliver for years and years and years.

I chose to work and not rest properly.

Burnout is largely determined by your organisations environment, management and culture.


Where are you contributing to the problem?

I was contributing a significant amount, and I learned 2 things

1. Never shy away from where I am contributing to my problems.

2. Never again will I encourage what I tolerate (read that again if you need to)

Let's protect our staff.

But let's also protect ourselves.

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