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What Do Saving for a Mortgage and Your Well-being Have in Common?

Even the smallest investment can have a significant impact. Every little bit counts and has the potential to make a difference.

Some months you don't have £1000 to put into your mortgage saving pot.

Some months you only have £10.

But that tenner still moves you forward towards your goal.

Yeah, sure at a slower rate.

But it is still progress, still adding to the interest, still compounding and growing.

Your well-being is exactly the same.

🏦 5 minutes of movement is better than zero.

🏦 Taking the lift one flight of stairs below the floor you need and walking the last one is 100% more steps climbed than going direct.

🏦 Switching your phone off at 7 instead of 7.30 is 30mins banked

🏦 20minutes in the gym is better than the 60min session that didn't happen

Something is always better than nothing, it builds habit, and interest and accumulates over time.

Make a pledge to yourself. Begin small if you must, but begin. Make today the day you make another deposit into your wellness bank. Your future self will thank you for the interest gained!

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