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Get Off the Busy Bandwagon.

Get Off the Busy Bandwagon

That feeling of ‘I need to be busy’.

‘Everyone else is busy so I need to be’.

‘If I’m not spinning plates, I’m not busy. Being un-busy ain’t good’.

That’s the busy bandwagon which is a well and truly established fad now.

I’ve been the chief of the busy bandwagon tribe! 

Focussed on multiple things, juggling away. 

For much of my working life the busy bandwagon worked for me.

Well. It worked for my career. 

It did not work for my life.

I lost/sacrificed relationships, health, hair my well-being all in the name of more and better.

I realised after someone I worked for cancelled and rebooked a work trip I was due to be on 4 times…that I’m done with the busy bandwagon.

I’ve got a million times better at switching off, proper quality rest and setting my days up for success.

My next steps need to be…
👉 Improving my boundaries to self and others.
👉 Task prioritisation.
👉 Systems and processes.

That’s how I’ll be tipping the busy bandwagon over and setting it on fire 🔥 

More isn’t always better. It’s simply more 🤷🏻‍♂️

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