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Adapting to Change.

When demands are placed on you which require change, you need to look at your environment and adapt accordingly.

Your external environment.
👉 The company you keep
👉 Where you spend your time
👉 Where/how you earn your money

Your internal environment.
👉 Your behaviour and habits
👉 Your knowledge and skills
👉 Your mentality
👉 The way you look, how you talk to yourself 
👉 Basically, everything you CAN control 

The list of things in your internal environment which you can control and should goes on and on.

For me personally, there is a significant professional shift taking place.

As I leverage 18 years of experience in elite performance sport and the military, learning how to apply them to the corporate world I am in the change cycle.

As part of this change, I have had to adopt a new uniform.

I’ve been working in a tracksuit for the last 18 years. 

Shorts, t-shirt, and a hoody have been my uniform.

Those togs are my comfort zone. 

For many months I would wake up and don my old sports kit and set about building a business in the corporate well-being space.

It finally dawned on me at the start of this year that I need to start embodying the change in direction.

Which included what I wear and how I present myself.

Now, I am not at all comfortable dressed like this, yet.

It doesn’t feel like me, yet.

It’s not what I want to be wearing, yet.
But everyday, I get up and I put my uniform on, then walk into my front room and begin my days work. 

I do feel more productive. Possibly sit a bit taller at my desk. Much less desire to procrastinate. 

I’m at work.

I’ve made multiple changes to my environment, to establish a clear structure around my time.

It’s not easy to be disciplined when you make up your own rules. 

I’ve set myself clear boundaries in order to stay true to what I want to achieve 👇

✅ I put my uniform on everyday. Even if I only work a few hours, it’s on.
✅ I do my training before I start work. Non-negotiable.
✅ I will not switch my laptop back on after putting my boy to bed (I used to do this everyday). This is my protected transition time.
✅ I have an app blocker on my phone and I use it for focused blocks of work.
✅ I never do back to back meetings, 5-15min breaks are built in.
✅ No screens for my lunch break. Ever.

This is about half my list of environment changes I have made.

I continue to find ways to protect my time, money and energy as I venture into a new world.

Do not fear change.

Change is an opportunity.

But be clear on one thing.

🔑 You will need to make alterations to your internal and external environment to facilitate sustainable change. 🔑

The next stop for me?

Invest in a decent iron! 

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